Prayer for Morning

Featured Image: “New year’s Eve morning dew #1 20141231,” © Yasunari(康就) Nakamura(中村) (own work), Dec 2014. CC BY NC-ND 2.0. (license)

“The One that rules over men in justice / Is like the morning light at sunrise / on a cloudless morning, / making the greensward sparkle after rain.”

~ cf. 2 Sm 23:3-4

“Every morning we arise afresh in Christ our light. Ancient Christian writers warn against ‘morning demons’:  yesterday’s worries and grievances returning to poison the new day.”

~ October 31, 2016: Prayer for Morning,Magnificat

I know morning demons well! I confront them in the mirror every day at 5:30am as I wash my face, blow out my hair, and apply my makeup. It always frustrates me that during those 20-30 minutes, I am invariably flooded with preoccupations about all the worrisome and troubling thoughts that are crying for my attention. They rush upon me all at once. It seems that one anxiety-provoking notion recruits another and another in an escalating spiral. In like fashion, one bitter and resentful animosity about some conflict at work, some perceived injustice, an invalidating experience, or some other occasion for ire stirs up memories of all manner of past injuries and offenses. My emotions run away with me, and I am left in a conflicted and tense state, vexed by my inability to self-regulate and by my failure to think dialectically, objectively, and compassionately.

Once a month, I receive a small devotional booklet in the mail called Magnificat. All month long, I tote the little collection of passages and reflections around with me, just in case I manage to create the time and silence necessary for a brief meditation. On this last day of the month, the pages are now very tattered. Opening them to read the words of this morning and realizing that the struggle against these “morning demons” is (and always has been, and always will be) a part of the universal human condition reminds me why making space for quiet contemplation is worth the effort. I am not uniquely broken, and I am not alone.

Wishing you all a beautiful, blessed week and month ahead.

6 thoughts on “Prayer for Morning

  1. You are definitely not alone Lulu. We all have our morning demons, our bouts of insecurity and I often look in the mirror and wonder at my path and the woman that looks back at me. Keep reading those devotions and fueling that hope Lulu. Hugs to you.

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  2. Hi Miriam! Thank you for sharing and for your solidarity. Sometimes, when I find myself in a place of reflection, thinking about my thinking and wondering about my life, it all seems so bizarre that I wonder if anyone else ever ponders such strange questions. It is good to know that I am not alone! Hugs back to you, my friend!


  3. Love this! I’ve never thought about ‘morning demons’ like this before. But that really happens, I’m sure to all of us in different degrees. The insecurity, self doubt. You’re definitely not alone. Hope you’re doing well, Lulu! Take care, Jenny 🙂

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    1. Hi Jenny! Merry Christmas! Thank you for this comment that you left me awhile ago. It’s always such a reassurance to know that I’m not alone! I’m sending you warm thoughts for a wonderful holiday. xoxo

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